San Miguel Shipping and our affiliate Consignataria San Miguel, S.A. de C.V.  is an established international marine transportation service provider. Since 1999, through determination, hard work, and vision we have improved upon and expanded our capabilities to provide a more comprehensive range of services. Specializing in vessel agency services, offshore towing and harbor tug services, logistics and project transport/management, engineering, and import/export services, our diverse proficiencies allow us to support our clients vessel, project, and cargo both inshore and offshore.


During the life cycle of any of our services or projects we adhere strictly to providing our clients an efficient, safe and environmentally sound turn-key package.  Our employees have been well trained with a perfect understanding of the nature of the business and are fully aware of the importance of time (TIME MATTERS) in the form that makes it on schedule without any delay.. We have set up branches of the company strategically to ensure speed and accuracy in performance and we are fully ready to provide our services around the clock. Finally, if you are looking for a reliable company you are now in the right place.

Your success is our success!