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Port Agency Services

Image taken from vessels under agency contract in Carmen Port

San Miguel offers turn-key agency services from North to south - Gulf coast of mexico, with offices in Tampico/Altamira, Tuxpan, Veracruz, and Cd del Carmen. We also have offices in The United States for the convenience of our US Clients. 

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Offshore Chartering

Image taken from the arrival of accomodation vessel chartered by San Miguel.

San Miguel has experience in providing vessels and services for the offshore industry, from accomodation vessels through diving support vessels and crew boats. We also provide offshore vessel agency and husbandry services, handling importations, repairs and chandling services.

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Tug and Barge Loadout ops

Image taken from Tampico - Detroit Loadout operation.

San Miguel can provide turnkey logistics operations, from chartering tugs and barges, calculating stability, stowing and clearance. this photo was taken on a Tampico - to Detroit towing operation, using the Tug Allie B and Barge JMC 2511.

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Import / Warehouse facilities

This image is taken from our warehouse facilities in Texas

The hub of Mexican import services is a 1000 square meter warehouse facility on the North East border town of Brownsville, Texas. Here we receive and consolidate merchandise, and quickly cross it into Mexican territoy, providing a fast , efficient and reliable service to our clients.

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Bulk Cargo - Import / Export

Image taken from exportation of Steel coil from Altamira to Panama and Brazil.

San Miguel specialises in exporting/importing bulk cargo, chartering, stowing, supervising, tracking and clearing. We design pre-stowage arrangments/calculations, as well as full detailed electronic stowage documents once loaded.

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Key Project Management Capabilities

Key Project Management Capabilities

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Importation service / USA-MEX Warehouse facilities / Customs

The hub of our importation service is a 3500 m2 warehouse facility  situated on the North east border with USA and Mexico. We specialise in the fast importation of ships spare parts, steel & project cargo.


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Ocean Transportation - Bulk Cargo Services

San Miguel manages an export service from the Gulf of mexico offering destinations to North America, Central and South America. Our expertise is in bulk cargo, with steel products being a speciality.

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Full Coverage - Port Agency Services - Vessel husbandry

San Miguel has built up a reputation for providing reliable port agency services around Mexico. Honest, fast, reliable services underpinned by a fanatical customer service philosphy.

Office Network / Coverage

San Miguel Shipping has a network of offices covering the gulf of Mexico. We also have our headquarters in Houston, Texas and extensive warehouse facilities on the border town of Brownsville, Texas.

Main Content 0 Houston

Our Houston offices are at the disposition of our US clients, and particularly the offshore industry.

Main Content 0 Brownsville

This is the hub of our importation into Mexico services. We have on the border warehouse facilities with 3500 m2 and 8 ton per m2 floor resistence

Main Content 0 Tampico

Our Tampico offices are critical to our offshore work and our steell importation/exportation work. We can offer agency services in both Tampico and Altamira from this base.

Main Content 0 Veracruz

Our Veracruz offices are a hub for importation, with the proximity to the center of Mexico. We provide agency services in Veracruz and import 100-200 thousand tons of steel per year

Main Content 0 Cd del carmen

Cd del Carmen is also critical to our offshore operation and we have over 150 vessels under our port agency supervision.

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Importation Route

Our Gulf of Mexico importation and transportation service and rates

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